Jan 10, 2011

What Would Julia Do?

Lately, because of the Xmas holiday, I have been wondering 'What would Julia do?'  The Julia here is Julia Child.  How long should I cook this duck?  Julia, what do you think? How can I make a Frangipane for Epiphany?  Does Julie know that one too?
Finally, I have a French cookbook, that I can actually read and understand (because it's in English), unlike all of the ones that A has in French.  How long would Julia cook a duck, about an hour and a half.  Oh yeah and she thinks I should stab the skin and rub it in sage.  How original.  Frangipane, I ask?  Well no need to make "creme pâtissier', like A's textbook claims.  I can make the same tasting filling with just sugar, butter, eggs, almond paste, vanilla and rum.  Thanks goodness, because creme pâtissier requires lots of wisking.
I am not cooking everything in her excellent 2 volume book in a year or devoting my blog to cooking.  But it is my new goto for French cooking.  Thanks A and S for such a great B-day present.  I will try to post the picture soon;)

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