Jan 13, 2011

No Access Pass

Today I got another email from an American who thinks I can teach them the secret to getting a job in France.  Here is that letter
Hi! I'm one of the American members of the Live-In-France Group in Yahoo and I'm new to Facebook and interested in connecting with Americans who are associated with France and French people (for many years I've wished I could be one of them!). I'm especially fascinated with the very fortunate American women who have been blessed with the qualifications to marry into the French nationality, as I'm a would-be Revolutionary War historian who knows a thing or two about the great patriotic alliance during America's fight for independence. Most of all, I'm interested in networking to somehow obtain a career connected with France, preferably the type that would enable me to become eligible to live there. Maybe you and/or other friends can hook me up? From what I've learned in that Yahoo Group, merely being proficient in the language and openly appreciating the culture (and being an overall nice, gracious person) is not enough. I noticed you're from Maryland. I've been told by family that through my mom's side I'm descended from one of the Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence, however that's recently been disputed by someone in authority. In September I had a brief stop in Maryland to eat while on a bus trip to Washington D.C.

Dear Americans who want to live in France,
I have no secret.  The first time I moved to France I was not even a Francophile.  I didn't speak or read or write French.  I have no special skills when it comes to being French.  I happen to be nice to a French waiter 12 years ago, who eventually married me.  I wanted to move to Germany, I was studying German.  I have no advice.  Life is unexpected.

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